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Some unidentified piece of Xbox Scorpio hardware.

Credit: Microsoft

Some unidentified piece of Xbox Scorpio hardware.

We’re just a few days out from having our most burning questions about Microsoft’s new Xbox Scorpio answered once and for all, but that won’t stop us from speculation and sleuthing until then. Yesterday, we looked at some messages which appeared to be hidden inside some teaser trailers posted by Xbox UK, one of which contained a cryptic string of numbers which might possibly point to an October 13th release date for the console. Today, a trademark filing points to what could be the logo for the supercharged machine.

Initially spotted by NeoGAF (via the Verge), it seems that Microsoft snagged itself a European trademark filing on June 5 for a logo as it relates to “Video game consoles for use with an external display screen or monitor; video game interactive remote control units.” The logo is a relatively straightforward “S” with a bit missing in the middle, so the stars seem to be aligned pretty well to call this the logo for Xbox Scorpio. There is the outside possibility that it might have something to do with Surface. i.e. that other Microsoft “S” property, but the category combined with the timing make that pretty unlikely. Check it out below:

A screenshot of the trademark filing.

Credit: European Union Intellectual Property Office

A screenshot of the trademark filing.

Not quite as snappy as the Xbox logo itself, which we assume will also be thoroughly attached to this new product, but a perfectly fine logo overall, mostly inoffensive. We also don’t know if this is the primary mark of the console itself or some sort of ancillary logo. Regardless, it does seem to be related to the Scorpio, which Microsoft will be revealing at its Sunday press conference. We’ve already gotten a fair amount of information about the machine over the months, but the company has saved some of the most important details for the big stage in LA. There’s a lot of news at E3 as in every year, but the Scorpio is shaping up to be the largest story of the event.

At this point, I’m mostly wondering what sort of surprises Microsoft has in store. This is its biggest E3 since the show immediately before the Xbox One reveal, and we can hope that the company has at least a game or two to stoke some fanboy excitement in the meantime.

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